Volumizing Your Plate, While Trimming Your Waist

*Interview with Dea Marie

What do you say to people who eat the same thing everyday?

You should NOT be eating the same things everyday. By the end of the week you should be having at least 10 different veggies in at least 4-5 different colors. Phase 1 lays the foundation for lifelong vegetable consumption.

How do we address bad habits?

Think about when your bad habits started. Did they maybe begin as a young child or teenager? Or maybe it is something more recent? Think about those bad habits and think of ways to address those issues. It’s a journey to redevelop good habits. It’s not enough to KNOW what to do, we have to actually DO it and follow through.

What are ways that we can volumize our food?

If it looks like more on your plate, it will feel like more in your stomach. Look for ways to volumize your oatmeal, pancakes, eggs, soups, etc. Can you add some vegetables or extra eggs to those things? Use the Ideal Protein packets as a starting point and add more to it. Consider adding seasonings to the foods to diversify the flavor and aroma. Don’t hesitate to ask your coach about ways you can add more to your Ideal Protein packets.

Remember to also sit down at the table to eat. Plate your food nicely so that it is more appetizing. Enjoy the way that your food tastes, looks, and smells. Don’t be distracted, enjoy your family and your environment.

What is the easiest way to store foods like stewed rhubarb or chayote so that it can be used everyday?

Freezing them in ice cube trays so they are portioned out is ideal. Adding them to smoothies and collagen drinks makes for a yummy treat. Riced cauliflower is also great added to smoothies and under hot protein.

How do you share Ideal Protein packets with a spouse or a friend?

It’s ok to mix packets and split packets, just make sure you are getting your 3 packets in per day but not consumed all in one meal. For example, you can make IP crackers and an IP soup and only eat half of each, saving the rest for another meal, another day or sharing with a partner. Don’t hesitate to double recipes and freeze the other meal.

When cooking for our families, how do we avoid having to cook two different meals?

You should NOT have to cook two different meals for your family. You are on a path of healthy lifestyle choices and so should your family. Does the meal need to be exactly the same? No, but your protein and vegetable choice should be the same. You should be continually offering new foods and vegetables to your family, even if they don’t like it. Invite your children to help you plan the menu for the week. Offer for them to help you grocery shop and cook in the kitchen. Now is the time to create new and healthy habits for your family.

Why am I always starving?

Follow the checklist…

1) If you think you are really starving, take a look at your food journal. There may be things sneaking in there like added sugar or carbs. You may be getting the insulin spike without even knowing it. Make sure that you are truly getting 4 cups of select vegetables, 8 ounces of protein, added unlimited veggies and 3 Ideal Protein packets. Make sure you aren’t under eating and also eating at regular intervals of 3-4hrs.

2) You also need to check how many sweeteners you are having a day. You should not be exceeding more than 4 servings of sweeteners a day.

3) Check to make sure you are getting a minimum of 64 ounces of water a day and consuming your 2 tsp of oil.

4) Vegetables from the unlimited list should curb your hunger. If you are still hungry after consuming veggies from the unlimited list, then you are just having cravings.

Is sodium an issue in Ideal Protein packets?

Sodium is not an issue. You need 2000mg of salt a day. Ideal Protein packets have sodium but considerably less than what you were eating previous to being on the program.

Can we have water enhancers?

We cannot have water enhancers like MIO, while on the program.

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