Eating a Keto Lifestyle in Phase 4 Maintenance

*Interview with Melissa Hozack

A Keto Diet means you are running off of ketone bodies. Ketones are breakdown products of fat.

During Phase 1 you are burning about 1000-1200 calories of your OWN fat. When you get to maintenance, your protein and carbs stay about the same, but you are adding in healthy fats off your plate instead of fat off of your butt. In maintenance you still stay within 30-40 grams of carbohydrates a day.





Homeostasis is a balance in the body.  Insulin and glucagon work to create that balance.


When you have an indulgence in maintenance, what do you generally have?

Cheeses, fats, bacon and the occasional beer are on my list of indulgences.

When you go into Keto for maintenance, do you increase your fat intake?

YES! I stick to 30-40 carbohydrates and 30-40 grams of protein a day.  Otherwise I fill it with fat to feel satiated throughout the day.  I will add a slice of cheese melted onto some chicken or use some avocado to make guacamole.

I gained weight when I did the Keto diet, what was I doing wrong?

Make sure you don’t have too many carbs and that you are watching your food combinations.  Stay within that 30-40 grams of carbs a day.

What are some good sources for Keto? and are great resources.  Twitter and youtube are great places to look as well. Also, stick to your Ideal Protein Phase 1 and add fat to it.  Listen to your body.  If you are adding something in that your body isn’t agreeing with, stop adding it in.

If you have a client that has a trigger, how would you coach that person?

If you are finding that sugar IP products are a problem or trigger for you (overeating a particular product or multiple of the same product at one time), try to only eat snacks that don’t have sugar. Understand yourself and just don’t bring the product home.  Educate yourself about your addiction and truly understand what sugar is doing to your body.

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