Principals of intelligent design medicine

  • If there is something that is missing that is supposed to be there, put it back.
  • If there is something that is not supposed to be there by intelligent design, remove it.


How do you approach metabolic syndrome with your patients?

There are two principal hormones (thyroid hormone and insulin) that allow us to metabolize glucose (sugar). The hormones take blood sugar and allow you to use it metabolically. If blood sugar gets too high (diabetes), it needs to be slowed down by eating foods that don’t turn into sugar too rapidly. These foods have a glycemic index of 55 or less. If thyroid levels have gotten low, your insulin will begin producing more in order to make up for the lack of thyroid hormone. Insulin is your primary fat storage hormone, so you will start storing fat around your waistline if insulin is too high.  If your TSH is above 1, then you need to address it with a thyroid supplement.  Another part of metabolic syndrome is high blood pressure which is a deficiency of magnesium and potassium. Magnesium and potassium open up blood vessels and calcium closes blood vessels. Normally there is a synergy between these, but if magnesium and potassium are gone, you are going to have a dominance of calcium and blood vessels will constrict. Muscles will then spasm and you will get menstrual cramps, charlie horses, migraines and high blood pressure.  You can check where you stand on this with blood work called an MCV (mean corpuscular volume).  If you have a score of 90 or above, you will need to have that corrected.

How do you get diagnosed to know how much HCL (hydrochloric acid) you have?

Everyone needs to figure it out on their own. You can take a supplement to support HCL and you can figure out how many you need by how many you can take before getting heartburn.

Is it possible to heal the body and get your stomach acid (HCL) to normal levels? Do you have to continue to take the supplements?

The younger you are the higher the likelihood you have of healing your body. The production of your stomach acid is very energy dependent, which comes from your thyroid. As we get older our body doesn’t work as efficiently so often we need help from supplements.

Why do some doctors not see thyroid issues when there are symptoms present?

Check out the book Hypothyroidism Type 2 by Mark Star.  This book will provide you with information to have an educated discussion with your physician. If your thyroid is low, there are symptoms that will present themselves and the doctor should look for these. But the problem is, most doctors will only look at the blood test.  Some people’s thyroids numbers drop, but never below/above the normal range. Hypothyroidism often starts when the TSH level is above 1.  First educate yourself.

If I am having major brain fog while going through menopause, what can I do?

The two primary hormonal imbalances is low thyroid and low progesterone.  Have your TSH tested.  If it is above 1, have it addressed.

How do you determine what issue you may have based on symptoms?

Go to to begin to evaluate your symptoms.

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