Annual Tune-up and Refocus


How do I Restart or Refocus this year?

  1. Set Your TARGET and set your TIMELINE
    • Focus on the food.
    • Feel like you are in control.
  2. REFLECT on past success
    • Keep it simple, focus on the finish line, and do what works.
    • Don’t make stuff up, stick to the sheet.
    • Focus on what you CAN have.
  3. Have an accountability mindset and set clear GOALS
    • Ask yourself . . . what is my why?
    • Goals are stepping stones to your mission.
    • Your mission is what creates a steady lifestyle. Setting a weight goal has an end, but creating a lifestyle has no end. How do you avoid going back to old habits?
  4. Having a COACH creates 93% more success!
    • Having a coach creates accountability, provides education and helps with goal setting.
    • Coaches also help with making behavioral changes and encourage you to be your best.
  5. Go BACK to BASICS
    • Meet with your coach.
    • Set your goals.
    • Plan your weekly meals.
    • Journal your food and emotions.
    • Set weekly appointments.

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