Melissa was successful in losing 80 lbs on Ideal Protein, here is how she did it . . .

  1. Plan for the week/month and include your family meals in the planning.
    • Plan an entire month of meals if you have that ability, but minimally plan for a week.  It will make shopping and life easier.
    • Don’t make alternative meals for your family, everyone can eat protein and more vegetables.  If you want, you can always add a carb side for the kids, but not necessary.
  2. Know there will be ups and downs in your weight loss.
    • Stay on track for the long haul.  Be patient.
    • Keep track of your weight week to week, you will notice some patterns.
  3. Have a time frame you are working toward. Have an end date.
    • If you are always on a “diet,” you will lose motivation.
    • Work toward a goal and then work toward maintaining.
  4. Have a supportive coach
    • Know your coach is in your corner.
    • Your coach is there to help motivate and support. You won’t be yelled at for mistakes.
  5. Have accountability
    • Use Facebook groups to ask questions and to get support.
    • Have friends you can text or call to make sure you are heading in the right direction.
    • Share your journey with others, don’t be afraid or ashamed.
  6. Remind yourself constantly of the “why”
    • Emotional eating will always be a battle but you have to ask yourself, is it worth it to binge and eat off course?
    • Remember you are an example to your children and family members of healthy eating.
  7. Know its an everyday battle and long term
    • You can view it as a choice vs a battle, but it is a conscious decision.
    • Have a trigger weight and know you have to correct course once you get to that weight.


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