Digestion and Solutions with Dr. Vikki & Renee Lynn

Digestion and How to Heal Naturally


Is there a certain time in life where our stomach acid starts to go downhill?

Our stomachs do age and we make less hydrochloric acid. Leaky gut or poor diet can also contribute to the loss as well. H pylori can also develop over time.  

If you feel bloated after you eat a meal, what is that a sign of?

It can mean that what you ate, your body is having a hard time digesting. It can also mean that you don’t have enough hydrochloric acid or pancreatic enzymes. Women (men can develop this as well) also need to be aware that after having a baby they can develop something called diastasis recti. It is a gap that can occur between the two abdominal muscles and bloating is often a symptom of it.

What causes heartburn? What should be done?

Heartburn is when stomach acid comes up into the esophagus and causes a burning sensation.  Many people take antacids or medication to lessen the heartburn, but it is compromising your digestion system and body over time. You need to find the root cause for your heartburn and what is causing the inflammation.

What is a more natural solution to helping heartburn?

You need to find the problem. Heartburn is usually due to one of these things . . .

  1. Infection (diagnosed through blood work and stool)
  2. Foods you are eating that you have sensitivity to
  3. Stomach spasms
  4. Constipation

What should your bowel movements look like?

Your stool should look like a brown banana. Your stool should come out easily, you shouldn’t have to bear down much to pass it out of your body.

What are the top 2 tips to help go to the bathroom more regularly?

  1. Hydration (spread your 8 glasses of water throughout the day)
  2. Consume fiber (fruits, vegetables and legumes)

Why are digestive problems so prevalent in our society?

The main reason is the quality of our food. It has become so processed that it isn’t real food anymore. Choosing real and quality food helps so much with the digestive process.

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