I refuse to let fear rule me.

The world seems to have gone a bit… wonky. Fear and panic seem to be the main reactions.

I am choosing not to settle for fear or panic. I am choosing to live differently, change my perspective, and fight for my health. Mental and physical health.

I have been working hard to come to terms with isolation. I began to reach out to my family and friends. I am talking to them… really talking to them. Not just a quick text, or a social media 👍. We talk about how to find happiness, how to keep active, how to entertain kids and seniors. We are talking about how to cook, with only what is on hand. How to stay connected.

We are coming together as a community, in a whole new way. My neighbors are offering to run errands for those who can’t. We are helping out with supplies for those who may run short.

Life will eventually return to a reasonable “normal”, but I am taking advantage of building a new world. One that is kinder, gentler, more caring. One where neighbors and friends become family.

What does ideal protein have to do with this blog? Glad you asked. When I had to isolate, my coach was one of the first to ask me how she could help! My food was shipped, she was a phone call away, and I knew my health was important to her.

This is going to be an interesting time. Keep smart and safe. Don’t forget to take care of you, and work with your coaches. We are in this together!

I would also like to share my very favorite thing to drink right now, is Ideal Protein Chocolate drink mix, hot water, ground ginger, turmeric, cardamom, and cinnamon with a dash of warm almond milk (unsweetened vanilla). Soothes my cough, and feels warm and happy going down!

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