Clothes are getting loose!

On of the best things about losing some weight is being able to try clothes on that you haven’t been able to wear in a long time and be pleasantly surprised!  When I started this journey, I organized my old pants/jeans etc into folded stacks in my closet labeled with a weight at which I should try them on again.  I got to try on my first set of pants the other day.  Many of them fit pretty well.  One or two will have to move to the next level down as I couldn’t quite imagine going out in public with those pants.  But I can definitely see progress.  I even have a sleeveless wrap blouse that I purchased last summer that I really couldn’t pull off then, but that fits well now!  I just hope it warms up soon, so that I can wear sleeveless, before I lose too many more pounds!  haha! what a great way to think!

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