Crossed the Half Way Point!

I’ve now lost 37 lbs on Ideal Protein!  It’s fantastic.  I’m still chipping away at the weight, but I’ve crossed the half way point.  However, when I look in the mirror or see my own body as I’m sitting in a chair, I feel like I look exactly the same.  Do other people feel this way?  The only time I really notice a difference is when I put on something that either used to fit well or was a little snug.  Those items are now falling off.  I wore some slacks to work last week that were slipping down all day.  Turns out that I was able to pull them right off (even over my hips!) without even unbuttoning them.  Time for the Goodwill pile, I guess.  So, as it turns out, I guess the scale doesn’t lie, but I still can’t see it in the mirror!

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