Reaching my goal before Vacation

I’ve got a vacation coming up and I wanted to be a specific weight by the start of the vacation.  That weigh in will be on July 10.  I’ve got 5 lbs to lose by then.  Sounds easy, huh?  That’s 2.5 weeks.  For some of you, that might be easy.  But as mentioned in my last post, my losses have been minuscule to non-existent of late.  If I can follow the three steps I wrote about in my plan, I should be able to do it.  Today is day one of my refocused plan.

Breakfast:  IP Crispy Cereal

Lunch: Mushroom soup (mixed with 1c leftover roasted veggies from the weekend that I pureed), 1.5 cups lettuce with olive oil, salt and pepper

Snack: 1/2 IP caramel nut bar (I love these!)

Dinner: Chicken, 2 cups vegetables or salad

Snack: other half of IP caramel nut bar

Per My Fitness Pal, this will put me at 881 calories, 38 grams carbs (50g-12g fiber), 26g fat, 117g protein.  Looks good to me!  Just have to do that every day!

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