Analyzing ….

I put the scale away as I said I would last week.  So – tomorrow is my weigh in, and I’m totally in the dark.  I suspect I’ll have a minimal loss again – if I’m lucky.  Why?  Well, I wish I could be more positive and always be recounting my success stories, but I’m just not that good!  In the beginning, I was so careful about everything I did.  I watched every morsel that passed by my lips, I removed tomatoes from salads, picked out little pieces of cheese from them etc.  Now, I’m not quite as careful.  I still do the major things right.  Went to lunch the other day and ordered the chicken sandwich, no bun, lettuce wrap please.  But I didn’t bother to scrutinize the menu enough to tell them to leave off the cheese and make sure the mushrooms weren’t sautéed in butter.  Mentally, I know I have to get back to that initial mindset, but I just can’t seem to do it!  Help! Why am I this way?  I have to ask myself some hard questions.  Am I satisfied with where I am at now?  Do I fear reaching my goal?  Why do I regularly sabotage myself?  Frustrating!  I wish I could just snap myself back to where I was when I started.

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