Back to Old Habits

Early on, Renee told me to put my scale away. That was tough to do because I had always weighed myself every morning.  But I followed her instructions.  I think it helped because you don’t obsess over every little up and down during the week.  A few weeks ago, when I got back from vacation, I pulled my scale out of the garage and brought it back in to my bathroom. Bad idea.  It’s a bad idea because, of course, I’ve been weighing myself at least once a day.  And based on my scale I don’t see any progress this week.  Grrr….  I think I’ve had a good week food wise, so I’m frustrated.  I guess tomorrow morning at my weigh in, I’ll see what the story really is.  But, I do know that I’m sticking that darn scale back in the garage on my way out in the morning.

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