Slow Going …

I am about 19lbs from my goal.  The last few months have been very slow going for me, and when I started this journey in January, I decided that I would stop by the end of September no matter what.  I  When I gave myself a deadline of September, it was because I needed a light at the end of the tunnel.  Since I haven’t met my goal yet, I decided to extend a little.   But, I just feel like I need to get out of Phase I.  So, I’ve decided to start phasing off on Nov 6.  This will mean I am phased off for the holidays and what I need to learn to do is maintain over the holidays.   Then I’m considering coming back for another 10-12 weeks in the new year to try to get the final 19lbs off.  If I gain over the holidays, that will just mean more weight to lose in 2014.  So – I really need to keep the weight off and not gain anything.  I’m looking forward to learning about Phase II, III and IV.

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