Oops I went of track!! Yikes!!

I originally thought I would start to phase out on Nov 6, but in fact, I started last Wednesday, 10/30.  So this was my first week of Phase II.  I didn’t do well.  Phase II is not really that different than Phase I.  You eliminate one of the packet based meals and replace it with a protein/vegetable meal similar to your dinner.   That went ok, but for some reason, I also lost any willpower to just stick to that one change.  I almost cancelled my weigh in tomorrow because I’m afraid of what the scale will say, and what Renee/Judy will say. I know I didn’t do well.  I’m not really sure what happened, but my ability to say ‘no’ to things that I know I shouldn’t have disappeared.  I didn’t go bananas, but there were too many ‘exceptions’ for me to feel good.  For example, I had a piece of bread from the bread basket while out to dinner one night ( haven’t done that in 10 months!)  I had a glass of wine one night.  I had corn and black beans on a salad one day.  You get the idea…  I feel like I’m on a pendulum that swung all the way to the other side this week.   So I decided to show up for my weigh in tomorrow anyway, and face the music (and consequences).  I’ll need to be much more careful for the next 3 weeks as I complete Phase II and Phase III until I really get a handle on balanced eating.   And then continue to be careful through the holidays and into the new year, before I attack the last 18lbs to get to my goal!

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