Taking a Break from Strict Phase I

It has been a while since I have written anything.  I tend to get caught up in work/life etc and I don’t manage to find the time to share my journey.  My weight was up a little the week that I thought I would be, and then last week, I was down to the lowest number I have seen in over 20 years.  I’m very happy with that.  And I have a MAX number which I refuse to go over. Approaching that number means an immediate day or two in Phase I behavior.  I already had to do that last week!  And it worked.

As mentioned earlier, I’m taking a small break from the strictness that is phase I.  I still have just under 20 lbs to hit my personal goal.  My plan is to make it through the holidays without gaining.  It would be great if I lost a little, but staying the same would be fine too.  I don’t want to have to lose more than 20 lbs when I get going again in the new year.  I had originally planned to go through phase II, III and IV per the protocol.  But I was uncomfortable moving into Phase III.  I don’t need THAT much flexibility.  I had a good talk with Renee last week and we’re modifying things a little for me.  I’m going to stay in Phase II and allow myself to have a treat (a glass of wine perhaps?) here and there during the several week period.  Once I hit the new year, I’ll make a plan to get restarted.  I’ve read on the 3fatchicks site that people sometimes find it very hard to restart, so I do have some concerns in that area, but I’m hoping that everyone I know will be on their New Year’s resolution diet and exercise kicks and it will make it a bit easier for me.  I’d like to get that final 20 off in 12 weeks or less.    So for me, status quo is the goal for the holidays!

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