Reminder: IP is a Choice

I had lunch with a friend today whose eyes about popped out of her head when I told her about the IP protocol.  She had immediately noticed my weight loss (bless her) and asked me how I had done it, so I told her.  She offered her condolences for how awful things must be without being allowed wine, cheese, and all the rest.  I told her it wasn’t.

How I ultimately explained to her that I am “allowed” to eat and drink whatever I want; I’m a free-thinking adult after all.  I choose to follow the IP protocol at every meal of every day.  Is that choice always easy?  Nope.  Do I ever regret choosing to stay on IP protocol?  Nope.  Does it require me to make sacrifices? Definitely.

The choices that I have been difficult for me are all relating to social situations.  I have gone to many social events and white-knuckled my way through staying on protocol, and while my nearest and dearest know all about the IP protocol and are fiercely supportive, I have to consciously make smart choices and it’s difficult. I know that every choice that I make that leads to me remaining on protocol is a good choice, however I have to make a lot of choices that I don’t want to make in order to do so.

I’ve had to choose to not attend plenty of events and gatherings because I don’t want to have to be tempted to stray or I don’t want to have to defend the protocol or answer questions about it. Perhaps the real struggle I’m having is what the right choices are. Is it the right choice to miss out on time with family and friends to make things easier for myself? Or is it better to spend time with everyone and do whatever it takes while I am there to stay on track?

What it comes down to, for me at least, is that many, many times per day I have to make choices. Some are really easy and some are frustratingly difficult. I know the journey to getting to my goal weight is finite and about so much more than what the scale says, but being on the journey at all is a choice. I know what’s on the other side of it, and I know that any choice I make to get me closer to that end goal is the right one for me.

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