Cheers to always having a backup plan

My nephew married the love of his life on Friday. The wedding was a 7 hour drive away, 2 days of events, and the drive home. No problem! Packed my cooler, packed my IP stuff, packed my shaker cup… And then everything went blank.

My mother and I argued, my brother was making us late. My nephews loaded the car so I could deal with the logistics. You guessed it… 100 miles down the road, two hours late… And no cooler… No Prepared food, and no shaker bottle.

OK. don’t panic (insert the screaming head). This is life babe. It happens! So plan B! For the weekend I ate healthy options when and where I could. I had tennis shoes but no workout gear, so I hit the treadmill in STYLE (my dress!). I found a little store bought a pair of shorts (size 6…thanks IP) a t-shirt, and water!!!! I bought more veggies, and stuck to my veggies and protein.

I opted to not beat myself up, but celebrate and make the best choices with what I had available. I came home up 1 pound… And since it was 112 degrees I am going to say I might be retaining water! I am calling this weekend a win!!!

I am home now, with my new car cooler… And prepping for a roller coaster of a week. Three offices, 5 days of intense work, and then off to NY to cheer on my nephew! He is on America’s Got Talent!!! Life is never dull, but I am loving it… And so grateful to IP for giving me the tools to enjoy the ride without fear!!!image image

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