Handling the splurge

Yesterday I posted that I came home from a weekend of family, weddings, parties, and stress (I guess I didn’t really need to point that out, since families are rarely calming influences).

Thought I would post today about what it means to me to pull my britches up and move on with life.

Got up at 5:30 this morning, took the pooch for a three mile run. Showered, made myself some coffee with a vanilla EAS protein drink, and blended with a cup of spinach and peppermint extract. And was out the door by 6:30.

Around 8:30 I had a hard boiled egg… Then again at 10 I ate the other one (I prepare them ahead of time and pack two to a bag).

For lunch I had a salad (red leaf lettuce, broccoli, purple cabbage, spinach, and some ham. My dressing of choice is a fresh squeezed lime with a teaspoon of olive oil, and a splash of salt.

Then, because I had a long day, my afternoon snack was a doppio with a ideal protein vanilla shake (from my emergency stash in my desk!)

Then when I got home I wanted a pizza!!!! So I pulled out Janeva’s cookbook, found the perfect pizza crust, and BAM I was in business! I keep a jar of homemade sauce (again Janeva’s cookbook) I had some cooked chicken and riced cauliflower, put that in with 1/4 cup sauce, when my crust was done, I put the warmed sauce on top, sprinkled with spinach, sliced up a bit of tomato, and a drizzle of mustard (it makes it look like cheese to me) and some Walden Farms bacon ranch! I picked that sucker up and enjoyed!!! I did remember to take a picture before I scarfed!

Now I am going to finish out my day with a 2-3 mile walk with the pooch!!!image image image

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