Winning at the game of life

The game of life.

My schedule has been nutty. Struggling to make smart choices. But doing the best I can.

Yesterday was super busy, we walked around Central Park a bit, took in The Lion King on Broadway, then went backstage at Radio City Music Hall… I watched these kids rehearse for 2 hours… seriously, I don’t know that I ever had that kind of energy.

My food options: I had a chocolate drink mix in the AM, a salad for lunch, and a drink mix for snack…. But dinner wasn’t until 9:45pm, and I did not have a salad! Guess what, not the end of the world. It’s life!! I worked very hard in phase 1, 2, and 3 to teach my body how to move forward.

My tennis shoes are laced up. My protein drink is ready. I bought 2 huge bottles of water to help flush my system… I don’t have anyone to run with, so I am using the gym at the hotel. Hey, if you are in New York, I am looking for someone to run with in the mornings!!!!!

Oh, and I had an interesting epiphany this morning. I am here with my sister… She spent 50 dollars on food yesterday…. 5 zero…. And she is watching every penny. I spent under $35 Just sayin!!!! 2 shake mixes $5 (depending on you facility) each, a salad for $10, And a vegetable omelet for $15. Go ahead and tell me again how my “diet” isn’t healthy, and it costs too much! (Weighed in on the scale at the gym… 148 and holding.).

Bought myself a cute tank top for wearing over my workout clothes… Still didn’t spend $50!!!!




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