Weapons of fat destruction!!!!

Weapons of fat destruction!!!!

On Tuesday and Wednesday next week I will be at Radio City Music Hall dressed up, and feeling a bit like a princess (not too much since it’s all about the kids!).

I am at the airport waiting for my 6 hour flight. I have my books, my music, and my emergency kit!!!!

I made IP Bread (potato/broccoli/crispy cereal… Made a bunch, the rest are in my cooler!) I have turkey, spinach, pickles, tomato, a little dressing (lime juice and olive oil). I have a shaker bottle and some IP chocolate drink mix and a bag of BBQ crisps…

I am on mission to keep my weight exactly where it is (148) so that my dresses fit!!!! There is zero room for bloating!!!!!!

That said, now that I am through security I need to hunt down water!!!!image


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