Vacation from vacation

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I came home from my NY adventure exhausted both physically and emotionally. And up 2 pounds. (Splurge meal was planned for the Wednesday night after party… Not exactly the party I had hoped for!)

I learned a lot about show business, the not so wonderful side. I know I posted about the fun I was having, but the truth is I was alone and fending for myself 90% of the time.

I went to support my sister and nephew, but because of the drama happening around them, I really only saw them for a couple of hours each day… And my nephew was mainly from 9pm to 2am. I was his sounding board, and we walked and talked most of the night.

Yesterday the time change, the stress, and the travel home just knocked me out! I opted to allow myself a recovery day, and a simple phase 1 protocol day. BEST DECISION EVER!

Today my wonderful husband (who is also on IP) and I took our dog to Monterey and walked! We did 3.5 miles, had an IP picnic, and walked 3.5 miles back!!!! Our picnic was broccoli cheese soup bread, turkey and ham sliced (4 ounces total) spinach, tomatoes, pickles, mustard. We each had several bottles of water as well!

After we got back to the car Bill had his IP bar, and I had a quest bar (smors) that had been warmed by the heat in the car!

The temperature was perfect at 75 degrees, the blue sky and ocean sparkled! This was a fantastic day… Definitely what I needed before going back to work on Monday!!! Oh, and those 2 pounds are history!!

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