Capturing the magic of summer

Where did the summer go?

When I was a kid the summer was magical. We ran around, had big block parties, and played with all our friends until we zonked out. The air was warm during the day, with the sun kissing your skin. The night time had cooler air, and the zing of bug zappers!

Every year, I swear I am going to recapture some of that magic… And every August 31st I wonder what the heck happened to summer!!!! This year is no different!

I know I have been on the go, so I could look at it from the “I have been traveling summer vacation style”. Somehow I don’t see it that way. I live close to the beach. My feet have been in the water twice this summer.

So, you may be asking, what does my musing have to do with IP?

How often do we run and miss the moment? How often do you grab something to eat, because you didn’t have time? How often do you make something you want to happen actually happen?

IP is a tool to get the weight off. It works beautifully. It also forces you to plan. If you are succeeding, it’s because you are mindful and that is a lesson that can be used in everything. And there is no time like the present to be present!

I still have a bit of summer left… And I have no intention of wasting it! Time to plan, invest in my happiness, and live in a magical moment!image

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