Tough days

Some days are easier than others.

It’s good to remind myself on a challenging day that I normally have really good days!

Today I feel overwhelmed and I don’t know why! I got up, did my exercise, ate a healthy and hearty breakfast… Everything started on the right foot… But it also feels like nothing is going right today. I had to drag myself to the gym kicking and screaming. I had to pull my butt onto the spinning cycle and force myself to keep peddling. My coffee was an easy choice, but I spilled half of it trying to take the first sip.

Once I sat down to work the Gardner showed up and kept my dog running and barking for 2 straight hours! The project I am working on failed it’s first test…. And now it’s time to put more food into my system!

Thank God I don’t have crappy food options, because right now I want something gooey, fast, and easy!!!!!

I will prevail, because I did not get up at 5am, spin for an hour, just to wreak havoc by eating junk food! I am going to make a beautiful salad, and restart my day!

A better one awaits me!


I added a mug cake as an afternoon snack!  All the decadence of cake without the guilt!  BAM!


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