Yep, I am a big loser

Looser, and proud of it!

That’s right I am a big loser!

My entire life I felt like a loser, I was fatter, slower, and kids are mean. I was bullied, physically assaulted, and strangers where verbally abusive.

Oh, I had my supporters. My family and friends loved me “no matter what my size”. They would offer all kinds of helpful diet tips. Once, my grandmother bought me a book. “When Food is Love.” With the loving and caring, “your killing yourself and I can’t just stand by and watch it without doing something.”

I understand how hurtful people can be. I also know that it is still deemed acceptable to shame people for obesity. Which SUCKS!

I refused to read that book for years because of the presentation. But you know what I have learned? love isn’t easily defined, and no two people provide love the same way. And it’s OK to love yourself enough to take care of you.

Self love heals you!

So what if others don’t understand the path you are on. One thing about this IP style is the proof is in the results!

I lost 60+ pounds in 7 months and I feel better in body, mind, and spirit! I have been maintaining since April of 2015.

My results have shut most of the bitchy talk down. And gave me the courage to stand up and say…

imageI am looser, and I am damn proud of it!!!!

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