It’s raining

It’s raining in California!

For the rest of the world this seems like a benign statement.

For us it is a reason to celebrate!

How in the world is this akin to a journey on IP? Food for thought. In most of the world rain comes down and is measured in feet. You don’t have to think about how long your shower is, how to keep your garden alive, and whether the crops that support our communities will produce enough food to keep the cost of groceries down. It rains…. No big deal!

But in California we do rain dances in the hopes for a few drops. We pray to higher power for any ounce. We celebrate a sprinkle with pure joy!

Loosing weight on IP means you are losing weight… Regardless if it’s 10 pounds or .1 ounce. Your perspective of the loss is very powerful!

It’s raining here in California, I have felt 5 whole drops! I am going outside and dancing!!!!image

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