Packing emotional baggage

Life is sunshine and roses, practically perfect in every way… Right??? Yeah, for Mary Poppins!

I spent the weekend with my best friend. We laughed, we played… But there was a darker purpose to our visit. We cried as we discussed her 25 year marriage coming to an end.

I listened to her, went on an adventure with her, and listened some more. I have been down the road she is traveling, and I remember very clearly how painful it is.

I have changed from the person who was ripped apart. I was left alone, 300 pounds, and believing I was unworthy of love.

I made changes in life. I fought hard to become healthy in body, mind, and soul.

But every once in a while…. I loose it.

I know what I need to do to fix it. But sometimes it’s hard to WANT to fix it. While I have no regrets about being there for my friend, I gave in to emotional eating. Now I need to fight this crap.

My brain says have a protein shake and get to the gym… My body is screaming with exhaustion to let me sleep!

Today I will take corrective measures. I have my chocolate drink mix and a large cup of coffee. My fit bit is on. I have a hubby and pup ready and willing to walk with me.

I have my strength and determination. I have an appointment with my coach/cheerleader tomorrow morning. I have a plan!

Emotional eating is a challenge, but I am strong enough to face the challenge!!!!

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