Perseverance wins

I have been focusing on positive thinking lately. Working hard to be mindful of stress eating. Exercising my imagination to find other ways to deal with life’s little curve balls.

The truth is, everyone battles to stay the course. No one wakes up and says hmmmm from today on it will be perfect… And have that be true.

BUT… Staying in the fight takes courage. Picking up the pieces takes a fierce will to succeed, and determination! These are extremely good traits and should be celebrated!!!! Be proud of every victory, no matter how big or small!

Today I am proud that I stuck to my program and didn’t allow anything to derail me! It’s cold, so I made a nice stir fry of every available veggie I had in the house. It was warm, yummy, filling, and cleared out my fridge before anything went bad!!!! SCORE!

image image

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