Project happiness

Throwing down the gauntlet

I have been rereading my blog, and it occurs to me that I have focused too much on the challenge and not enough on the happiness.

For one year, I wrote a note to myself about what brought sheer joy that day. And to my astonishment, people where paying attention. I became happier. I had focus and strength…

Lately, I have allowed things to become more difficult and exhausting than they need be, and I am over feeling that way. Winter can be a challenge with its darker day, and cold.

So today I begin with a joy. This morning, I took a run. The leaves on the trees are lovely, the air is brisk and smells of fresh rain! (I live in California and that smell is enough to bring us joy!). I finished my workout with a cup of coffee blended with my chocolate protein mix and some sugar free salted caramel syrup!!!!

The sun is up, my workout is complete, and I have a day of wonderful awaiting me!!!!

Join me this month in writing down what brought you joy!!!! I promise, it helps you focus on the positive!!!!image image

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