the sock wrangler

Call me the sock wrangler

Feeling pretty proud of myself! Slowly but surely I am gaining momentum.

Funny how setting one silly little goal can start you in the right direction.

Apparently I have been in a funk for a while… When I went to organize my sock drawer I realized that I have just been throwing my clothes into the closet out of the dryer… Being disorganized, not noticing, and not really caring are bad.

Today I made a healthy breakfast of scrambled eggs, mushrooms and left over chili over spinach, I took Halloween down and put Thanksgiving decorations up, I made salads for the day, and I tackled my closet!

The sock drawer is complete, and I feel proud of myself and inspired!!!! A sock drawer!!!!! No food in the equation at all! Making and achieving a small goal, and visually seeing the change. Yep… I am master of the sock drawer!





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