Add a little heat

It’s cold and I am hungry

Today I am working from home. We are having construction done on my house, so the heat can’t be on, and the doors are wide open. It’s freakin cold in here!!!!

I open my fridge, because it’s lunch time and I am hungry. Yeah me, I prepped and made a salad… But, like I said… It’s cold and I want something hot.

I found Green Giant Cauliflower Rice, a bunch of different colored peppers and some baked chicken!!! Score!

Put the veggies in a pan, threw in some taco seasoning… Threw in the chicken.. Boring… And too dry!

Added some Frank’s Red Hot ( yeah, I put that $hit on everything.) Still seemed like something was missing… Added Walden Farms Maple Syrup… OMG!!! A zing of heat, chased by that touch of sweet… And I am still 100% on protocol!!!! Yeah baby!!!!


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