Weighed in this morning, and had 2.2 pounds of fat loss. For me that is a huge amount. I started the program at 209, and I am 5’7″. I hit goal in April and phased off.

I was doing great until September, and emotional eating took its toll, slowly at first. Bad habits returned, good habits were cast aside… Because it was easier… (Or so I told myself.). But the more I slipped back, the worse I felt about myself.

This past week I fought through the emotions. I have been cooking and prepping again, logging every bite, and paying attention to triggers.

The holidays can be a huge trigger. It gets cold and I want to cuddle up with a warm cup of cocoa, a plate of goodies, and be like everyone else. You know… Normal.

This year, armed with Janeva’s cookbook, I am doing just that! And as you can see from my fat loss, I am doing it all on Phase 1 approved protocol. (I am 6 pounds from being right back to my goal!)

This morning I started with hot coffee blended with IP chocolate drink mix. For my mid morning meal, I was craving those goofy chocolate oranges that you can only get this time of year. Made my version. IP Chocolate Chip Pancake mix, 1 tablespoon WF chocolate syrup, 2 Tablespoons water, mix. Take a tablespoon of WF orange marmalade and put it in the center of the gooey mix… Place in microwave for 55 seconds… Plate and a bit more chocolate syrup!

Lunch is a bell pepper stuffed with left over baked chicken, mushrooms, and left over Spag Sauce (Janeva’s recipe.)

And dinner will be steak and salad… Cuz I am out of chicken!!!!

For more recipes like this, please join us on Facebook at: Janeva’s Ideal Recipe Cookbook – Phase 1 or for the cookbook featuring 295+ recipes. A portion of the proceeds supports Samuel’s House Foundation, a non-profit charity helping disadvantaged children.

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