Staying positive in chaos

Holidays, work, relationships. For so many of us this time of year is stressful to the breaking point. In a season of goodwill and thanksgiving , it’s easy to give lip service, and then let ourselves be overwhelmed.

What do you serve? How do you stay on protocol? How do you handle questions about your diet? How do you handle that relative/friend/loved one who says one bite won’t kill you… Without killing them!!!!!

Take a few minutes and remind yourself why you are doing IP. Write down what your health, goals, choices mean to you. Define the benefits you get from sticking to your guns. This list is for you!!!! You can share or not. But trust me, having this list written is helpful!!!!

I may be in maintenance, but I plan on being on protocol for Thanksgiving, because I know I will feel good about my choices the day AFTER Thanksgiving!!! I want to feel proud of myself!!!!

I am writing my list too!!!!!


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