Soup for all

I posted this on a website yesterday and there were a lot of people who were in the same boat:

There is a time and a place to put yourself first. Today is that day. I normally cook every meal, and I am always cooking for 3 different appetites, taste buds, diet restrictions… For dinner I made a big ole pot of soup… Veggies and chicken and everybody complained about something. My inner 4 year old wants to throw the soup at them…. But my counseling is working. I am packaging up MY soup into freezer safe bowls (individual portions) and will pull out my dinner or lunch and heat my food… There are a few people in my house who are going to learn to fend for themselves. It’s time…. Way past time…


One of of the comments was that women who make meals for mulitple different taste buds… Those trying to make healthy for themselves and still cater to the bad food others crave are over 90% more likely to gain it back!!!! I do not want to be in that statistic!!!! Do you????


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