I have your back

Who has your back? I have discovered that it takes a village for me to be successful. This isn’t about will power. It’s not me against food. Why am I succeeding at this? I have quit (failed) every diet known to man… What makes this one tick?

For me, it’s knowing that I have a HUGE support network. I have two incredible coaches who encourage or gently persuade me to stay the course. I have friends and co-workers who are on the journey with me. I have family members who are fighting alongside me. I have family members who may not be on protocol, but are taking the time to learn it and be supportive (this is HUGE!).

There is a massive network of folks on Facebook you can reach out to everyday, at all hours, and someone is there.

I am not alone… And that is the difference!!! So if you feel alone in your journey… Fix that!!!! Because it takes a village, and for every person who is rude or refuses to be supportive, there are thousands more who are right there. We’ve got your back!!!!!! (I am on the right.)image

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