Soup, it does this body good

imageCombatting the flu:

I am on phase 4, and maintaining my weight. Have been since May. On Thursday I became sick, and while I battled the bug, I was freezing, whiny, exhausted, and ready with every excuse in the book to just sink into comfort food. I am in phase 4… So I can.

But I didn’t. Thought I would share my Asian inspired chicken soup recipe. This is great soup, can be used in all phases, has ginger for your immune system, and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. Even my picky nephews can customize this with things they like:

5 cups no fat low sodium chicken broth
2 tablespoons soy sauce (check the label for no added sugar)
1 inch fresh ginger, julienned cross cut, and then diced
1 pound of chicken breasts cut and cubed

Place broth, soy, ginger and chicken in a large soup pot. Bring to a boil and let cook 5 minutes. If you like mushrooms, add a cup of fresh mushrooms to the pot. I typically add a cup of chopped celery and cauliflower rice in there too.

Once this has cooked you can add 1-2 bunches of Bol Chou or Napa cabbage. Continue cooking for another 3 minutes at a boil.

Once it’s finished cooking you are ready to serve. Here is a list of things that can be added;

Fresh squeezed lime (makes a huge difference)
Fresh coriander
Fresh jalapeño peppers
Fresh bean sprouts (my favorite)
Green onions
Fresh Spinach
Cauliflower rice

The point is, this soup tastes like Pho. It is easy and quick to make, and relatively inexpensive!

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