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I had a chat with a fellow IPer today who is very close to hitting goal, and unnerved about phase 4.

Here is the thing, I was too! Ask my coach, it took me a really long time to have a splurge. What if I can’t control it?

So many people focus on what they CAN eat when they get to phase 4. The truth is, you can eat anything you choose. The other truth is, if you choose to eat as you did before, you will look like you did before.

I am in phase 4… I struggled through Thanksgiving, and some old habits returned. But my new outlook stopped it, turned it around, and I am back in maintenance. Turning it around means accountability. To yourself, to your coach. It means planning and recording and being aware of emotions as well as every bite.

90% of the time I eat clean. 2 meals a week I splurge. As long as I keep that pattern, I don’t gain, and my body seems happy

Here is a typical day for me:

This morning for breakfast I used a wildberry yogurt drink mix and an egg and made a waffle, I had a cup of coffee with an ounce of almond milk. My normal breakfast would be scrambled eggs with mushrooms, peppers and spinach, but I have been on a waffle kick!!!!

For lunch I had ground chicken, bell pepper, riced cauliflower and mushrooms over a bowl of lettuce with Asian dressing.

For snack I had an apple

For dinner I had roasted chicken breast, green beans, and a salad.

For dessert I had a packet of IP chocolate drink mix with some cinnamon and cayenne pepper and hot water.

My salads for the week are prepped, my veggies are cut, I have made extra chicken for the week for lunch. If I let junk in my house it’s not safe for me. This is how I am successful. It also makes it easy… No excuses and when it gets busy, I don’t have to think too much… It’s ready!


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