Hi I’m Laura and I’m a weighaholic

It was May 2011 and I was in Mexico with my ex-husband enjoying the sunshine and trying to eat healthy; and I had to bring my scale with me. I did not travel without a scale for years. Looking back on that I blush slightly and realize how obsessive I was behaving. I know myself and I know that I am prone to want to weigh myself every single day and see the changes I have made. The reality is though, a lot can happen in a day to make us “go up” on the scale be it the TOM (time of the month), too much salt, not enough water etc. The real results come over time be it a week or a month. There are also the difference between our scales and the scale we use to weigh in at our Ideal Protein Clinics.

Last week was a really hard week for me. I was in the middle of Week 5 and the scale would not budge, at all. I had my TOM, injured my leg and recently gotten a new tattoo; all potential reasons for water retention. I felt defeated each time I stepped onto the scale and did not see the number go down and even went up one day! This did not help my sanity at all and frustrated me to no end, but I stuck with the protocol. When I went to my weigh-in on Saturday, I had gained a pound of muscle and dropped a pound of fat and the funny thing was my body felt differently. I took my measurements on Sunday, my normal day of doing measurements, and I had lost nearly 4 inches for that week. So then, it occurred to me; why am I weighing in each day and only measuring myself once a week? I was content taking my measurements once a week, but where was my obsession with stepping on the scale each day coming from?

So, moving forward, I am trying to not weigh myself every single day. Do I always succeed at this? No! Am I working on this? You betcha 🙂

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