Celebrating the little things.

Day 4 of my reboot and my headache is GONE!!!!!

The icky feeling of the first few days of “Ketoflu” are behind me, and have been replaced by that powerful feeling IP gives you when you take control.

One of the many things you learn in maintenance is that when you have your splurge days your body gets a little bloated, you feel like crap, and the scale most likely goes up a bit.  You also learn that if you catch it (after the single meal) a day or two of phase 1 or phase 2 fixes everything right up.  IF, however, you go on say a 3 week binge (Yeah… I know better) you get to reset your pancreas again.

For me, my 3 weeks of indulgence are going to cost me a month of hard work.  I know that it will take me time to get the body back into the swing of things, and because I took such a long detour, and my pancreas had quite the workout with sugar and fat, I will have to fully reset it and go back through all 4 phases to make sure that I reset it properly.

Thus is the price I pay for eating my way through the south.  Damn those head games that tell you “go ahead and splurge… you deserve it.”  Does that mean I deserved the headache?  (Yes…) But I also deserve to be healthy, happy, and in my bikini over the summer!!!

Today is day 4, and I am feeling good, physically and mentally!  SCORE

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