Keep Calm and Drink Water

Eat all your packets, consume eight ounces of lean protein, have your vitamins twice a day, and lets not forget to drink 100 ounces of water each day. When you think about it, 100 ounces of waters can be really difficult for people to consume within a day, but it can be so beneficial and important. From the hydration within the skin to making sure everything is moving smoothly throughout your system, drinking our water is a vital part of each day, even if it is not necessarily easy to do.

I wanted to share a couple tips and tricks that I found to be helpful in the process of consuming my water. First of all, I bought this nifty bottle that contains 32 ounces of water when it is completely full. The lines along the side provide motivational encouragements to keep you drinking your water throughout the day, even breaking it down to each hour. If you fill this bottle up three times throughout the day that will almost completely cover your water consumption for the day!

Second, I have recently tried the Ideal Protein flavor enhancers. I tried both the mangosteen and the tangerine and found for myself that if I split the package within two of these 32 ounce bottles it is the perfect amount of sweet for me. If you haven’t tried those yet I would highly recommend them (my favorite is Mangosteen ;). IMG_6614

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