Low impact can make a great impact

I know this protocol does not allow for high impact physical activity, but there are still some activities that can be done and that do not require too much effort. My daily routine consists of walking my dog, using resistance bands and/or weights and some light stretching. Having some light anaerobic activity is important for the maintenance of that lean muscle mass we have and wish to maintain. Below I am including my brief routine (takes 10-15 minutes tops) that I do each day:


With resistance bands various pulls for the triceps and bicep pulls 3 sets of 20

3 sets of 20 sit ups/crunches

3 sets of 20 push ups (regular or with knees to the ground. Do what feels comfortable!)

3 sets of 20 leg lifts

3 sets of 20 leg lunges

Balancing on one foot stretching out the achilles tendon for 30 seconds

I bought my resistance bands on Amazon and I love them because they come in a carrying case and come with a door anchor so you can use them wherever you . If you don’t have the bands or free weights, my honey sometimes uses 2 jars of our no sugar added tomato sauce (use what you have :). 71rPxqfIyYL._SL1107_.jpg

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