Breakfast is served

Fighting to stay on the Ideal Protein protocol doesn’t mean you can’t have a great breakfast!

Today is my third day of Phase 1.  AGAIN.  I really struggled the past few months with emotional eating and self sabotage.  I hit goal, maintained for nearly a year, and then… BAM all my lessons and tools were chucked out the door.

I am going back and reading my blog posts in an effort to refocus.  I am doing a lot of research on body dysmorphia and eating disorders. I will have a blog up in a few days about that.

today, day 3… I am reminded that my best strategy is to start my day off strong!  So I started with my very favorite chocolate drink mix with hot coffee, pumpkin pie spice, ginger, tumeric, and cayenne pepper.  Then I made an omelet using Best of the Egg (whites) red peppers, and mushrooms… Topped with a tad of Chalula.

It’s going to be a great day!!!!


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