The Path of Least Restricteds…err Resistence

I would like to preface this by saying that this is solely my experience and that each person will have an experience all on their own, since our bodies are so different. I have experimented with many Ideal Protein products and found my favorites. Recently, I had tried the Southwestern Cheese Curls and wow, I had a moment. It was spicy Cheetos and I couldn’t believe how many of them were in a bag; I was in heaven. Though, the scale wasn’t in heaven. I began to notice that adding more restricteds to my week (I never had more than one restricted in a day) the scale was moving more slowly for me. So, I began to experiment. What if I did a whole week without restricted items and only unrestricted? Within two days of doing so I had already dropped 1.2 pounds. Perhaps there was something to this. While I am still experimenting and seeing what works for me, I encourage others to do the same within the confines of the protocol. I spoke with another IPer and she said that she drops more in a week when she has her daily restricted than if she doesn’t.

I think it is a process of figuring out what does and doesn’t work for you. I’ve found for me that certain vegetables make my stomach hurt. Kale chips are not my friend  🙁 We are all figuring out what works best for our bodies and will eventually phase off and continue that process in maintenance. I am choosing the path of least resistance that also include least restricteds 😉 With a few cheese curls along the way.


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