Secrets to keeping my head in the game.

Shhhhh, I have a secret weapon (see #4)

We all screw up now and then. No one is perfect, though it would be nice if we could be perfect and not ever have to worry about weight gain… But the fact remains it’s a battle that we face.

When I am struggling I have a few things that help. I have had to employee them a LOT lately

1). Have a plan B – make sure you have an emergency kit in your car, desk, purse, or back pack. It should contain:

  • A mixer ball
  • A non-restricted item
  • A restricted item
  • A pair of walking shoes
  • 5 bucks! (You can get hard boiled eggs at most stores or gas stations

Tip: Never let your emergency stash go without replenishing. These items have a shelf life, make sure you are cycling through.

2) Write yourself a note when you are in a good space about:

  • How a bad choice made you feel in the past
  • B How it feels to be successful
  • How it feels to get back into ketosis!
  • Options to make smart choices

3) Become your own super hero

This may sound silly, but my friend bought me some Adult size wonder woman underoos and a set of Captain America workout clothes. On days when I am not feeling powerful, I have been wearing these under my clothes or to the gym… Oddly, this one is REALLY helpful.

4) Find a support system.

  • Make a list of people you can call in a crunch
  • Join a support group… caveat, make sure you are getting the right kind of support for you. Not all groups are for everyone!
  • Make the appointment with your coach.

5) Take a deep breath, and get right back on protocol. Don’t let it become a bad day.

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