When life hands you lemons, put it in your water

Again, this is only my experience, but I have recently added to my daily routine half a squeezed lemon into warm water first thing in the morning. For years, my mom has told me to do this touting that she never gets sick and stays healthy; only now have I listened. I can say with using lemon, there’s an easy way to get 1-8oz glass of your water requirement in. In addition to that it has been touted to increase electrolytes, increase joint healing, improve digestion, detoxing, cleanse the liver, regulate bowel movements (let me tell you how I end up always going within 40 minutes of drinking lemon water now), help with metabolism, improve skin, reduce phlegm and can help with weight loss. Now, I can only say that since I have started this last week, I have noticed an improvement in my losses. I am viewing it as a simple thing that I can add to my daily routine to improve the way I feel and potentially have added results. Happy Saturday =)

Here’s a web article for further information on lemon water benefits: http://www.davidwolfe.com/20-incredible-things-that-happen-when-adding-warm-lemon-water-to-your-morning-routine/  IMG_2441.JPG

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