Gentle Reminders

I am reminding and being reminded to be gentle with myself. I was frustrated last week because I wasn’t “losing weight faster” and that weight loss was stalling. After a gentle reminder from Judy at the weigh in last Saturday about keeping tabs on how much oil I was consuming, I was irritated. My initial thought was “I always track my oil, it can’t possibly be that” and then i took more time to think about it. Well maybe I did add a little bit extra to my veggies and so what! Maybe I did have it on my salad too. I took a step back, breathed and realized this is something I want to give focus too. 6 days later over three pounds have melted off my this week being stringent about my oil. 1 teaspoon DOES make a difference. The bigger lesson besides the gentle correction is to not take things personally. So if you have a rough weigh in and get called out, taking it personally will only hurt us in the long run. Letting that piece go, I feel infinitely better.

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