Pushing through a plateau

I read an article called “6 Tips for Pushing Through a Weight-Loss Plateau” by Mackenzie Lobby Havey.  (http://blog.myfitnesspal.com/6-tips-pushing-weight-loss-plateau/)

The truth is everyone struggles with plateaus, and they can feel like they are lasting forever.  Make sure you are being true to what you are really taking in, have a coach walk you through your food diary and see if there is something hidden.  If nothing, settle in, do your job, and your body will start to take care of business.  I hit three fairly descent plateaus on my way to loosing 60 pounds.  My coach was my biggest asset in those moments.

Do NOT give up… That is the critical message here!!!!

The article discusses 6 tips, but three of these tips are absolutely critical in phase 1 of IP.

Stop stressing about the plateau.

If you are so focused on the lack of loss, you can actually cause yourself to either cave completely or release cortisol, and halt the process all together.  Stick with your program, it will eventually work itself out and the weight will come off.  This is the time to shift your focus to thinking about non-scale victories.  Celebrate the victories.

Plan ahead.

Proper planning is the key to everything.  Make a plan to walk with a friend, a food plan, and a shopping list.  STICK to it!  Have an emergency pack ready JUST IN CASE.  (I always carry a drink mix, a bar, and a snack of some kind, as well as a few dollars to get a bottle of water.  I rotate these out once a month to keep them fresh.  Sadly, I probably use my plan B pack at least once a month anyway… My plans frequently change, but I am prepared!

Stay positive.

For many, it can be demoralizing when weight loss levels off. There’s plenty of evidence out there, however, to suggest that if you can stick with your weight-loss plan, the pounds will come off. This is why remaining positive is so important to keep you on track.

“You need to say to yourself, ‘I’m feeling frustrated, but I’m working hard and I have to find the motivation to keep going,’ ” says Tinsley. “You can feel frustrated without hating yourself. Rather than focusing on the numbers, think about how you’re feeling overall since you started this journey.” (Havey)


Havey, Mackenzie Lobby. hellohealthy. 28 January 2016. http://blog.myfitnesspal.com/6-tips-pushing-weight-loss-plateau/.


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