Is it worth it?

You have tried every diet under the sun. You loose a little weight, you are in it to win it, and then something looms on the horizon. A party, vacation, potluck, dinner with friends, bad day at work, kids meals to be cooked, summer… Life

It’s just a taste, just a sip, just a….but is it?

Every diet will fail if you “it’s just a…” it. IP is no exception. You can certainly cheat your way around protocol, but stop and ask yourself honestly, is it worth it?

Every time you take that bite or sip you have to start over. Yes, as a matter of fact, that one little thing can and most likely will kick you out of ketosis. This protocol is not cheap. And yo-yoing comes at a price to your health. And each time you cheat, you are giving yourself permission to do things the way you always have.

Here is some cold hard truth… If doing things the way we always have worked, we would not be on a diet!

Suck it up, finish what you start, find new healthy behaviors, and celebrate without food or alcohol as the reward. Get healthy…. Protocol works if you let it. And that one bite you are sure you are missing out on…. So not worth it!!!!!!

Is sticking to protocol worth it?  100% YES!!!!!!

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