What does success look like?

Yesterday I was talking to someone who hadn’t seen me in a while. She expressed surprise that I had managed to keep the weight off. (Clearly not a good friend.).

She talked about how fast I had lost weight and how unhealthy this diet must be.

I could correct her… But why waste my breath… If she had paid attention she would have known that I battled to get this weight off, and I battle to keep it off… And at 50, the battle is well worth it as I am in the best health of my life!

IP isn’t a quick fix. Sure, some people loose huge amounts of weight their first couple of weeks… The truth is, when you get to goal, you look back and the average is 2-3 pounds a week as long as you stick to protocol. My average was 2 pounds a week…

I came in with a lot of dense muscle, and it was a fight not to loose it while loosing fat. I remember being super excited that I dropped 3 pounds one week only to find out that most of it was muscle because I didn’t eat all my protein… It also explained why my energy was in the tank… From that moment on, I didn’t try to out think the protocol. I just stuck to it… 7 months later I was down 65 pounds and below goal…

The point here is don’t try to work around the protocol, and don’t judge your progress by anyone else. Stick with it, be honest with your coach and you will hit goal…

Being fast doesn’t ensure you keep it off… If it’s not going as fast as you think it should, take a step back and reassess, are you in this all the way?

Do not call yourself a “slow looser.”  Take your time, learn your triggers, stay in control, and gather all the tools you can… That’s what success looks like!

(I am posting the one in my super hero workout gear so you can see that I am not perfect, but I am real!)

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