Take a step outside

40 years… I lived in a shell for 40 years.

I was so afraid of living that I hid. I let myself get to over 300 pounds, and filled my world with excuses…. And regrets. I couldn’t walk much, it hurt. I wasn’t in pictures, it hurt. I sat on a couch and dreamt of what life could have been.

One day it struck me. I wasn’t living. I set out to change that. I started walking… Even if it was to the end of my driveway. I started visiting people. I stopped watching TV. I started living.

I made huge changes, and it took time and sacrifices. 10 years later…. I am still living… And having a ball!

Don’t stay stuck, and don’t convince yourself to wait for tomorrow… That’s not how life works…. Carp d’em…

IP gives you the tools… But you choose how to live…Take that step outside… Your door, your comfort zone. Get out and live!!!!

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