A balancing act

We all know that in order for life to work you need to find balance. Work needs to be balanced with play. Struggles need to be balanced with joy. We also know what happens when we get out of balance. Life gets overwhelming and breaks.

I am working hard to find a peaceful balance. Financially, socially, physically, personally. For me, the biggest challenge is to let people help… I have spent my entire life “making it easy” for others… And in effect I was stealing their power to achieve their own balance.

My hubby and I are a great team. When we are communicating and working together, we can move mountains. I struggle in martyrdom to let him help. It’s not fair to either of us. And to be honest, this man is very capable of moving that mountain.

By opening up and letting him be part of the solution, I found a new kind of balance. Partnership!

Together we came up with a plan, which includes healthy eating on a very tight budget. We have a menu plan for the week, groceries have been purchased, and we are ready to face the challenges ahead.

Here is how our pre-plan helped us. Our grocery bill had to be cut in half on our new budget. That means coupons and creative use of leftovers! For dinner last night, I was able to get steak that had to be cooked ASAP (which was in the plan!) for 1/2 off and heirloom tomatoes from a friend’s garden! We had an awesome dinner of steak and a huge salad. Tonight we are having Janeva’s IP rolls and left over meat as sandwiches! Saturday I made chicken meatballs and Spaghizza sauce and the leftovers will become “pizza” casserole!

We will come out of this stronger… And definitely more in balance.

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